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Transform your recruitment process with our powerful integration with BULLHORN. Learn more

No engaged tone: how to handle unlimited calls, simultaneously!


How much money does your business lose due to busy lines? It seems hard to measure but with the right tools and data, you can find out. You can even measure it per time of the day, peak or not. But let’s not spend time and effort checking it if we could ELIMINATE it today with a special feature from a cloud phone system for business!

If you have a business or are a manager of a business that relies on phones to connect with customers, you know that there are some peak times. You may get several simultaneous calls from customers and your phones may not be able to manage all the incoming calls. Customers may not get a ringing tone and they may consider calling other providers (your competitors!). This could cost you qualified leads and sales, but here is what you can do TODAY to eliminate these:

How Call Queuing works:

Call queuing is a feature from our Cloud phone system that manages all your incoming calls and places them in a virtual queue. This means that the customers who are calling when you are busy are not getting an engaged tone.  With this unique feature, all your customers will hear a ringing tone and they will be reassured that all their calls are connected. This is where a great call experience starts.

Now sometimes your staff will be very busy and take a while to answer a call. Combining this feature with Greeting message, it is possible to play a welcome message recording that asks the customer to stay on hold and that they will receive support shortly. Another option is that the system can be set to keep playing an announcement while waiting. And I can assure you this is a great opportunity for you to win over your customers. Here are some tips of announcements:

  • You can play an announcement about your quality assurance and awards.
  • Or you could let your callers know about a special offer and its deadline.
  • Or you can invite your callers to an event, the opening of a new office.
  • Or you can let your callers know about a new product in your portfolio.
  • You can even come with a strategy for up-selling or cross-sell at this time.

You can also use multiple approaches, customized per department.

Call Queues in action:

This is how our call queuing feature can help you to manage simultaneous calls. If three calls come in at once and you have only two handsets, the one that your staff is unable to answer is placed in the queue. Once a staff member is available, their handset will ring again and they will be connected to the waiting customer in the queue. This phone system feature enables you to provide better customer service and this leads to more sales.

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Autokey (Dublin), one of NUACOM’s clients, employs the call queue and this can manage simultaneous calls effectively. Watch the video below what else Autokey benefits from our business phone system:

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