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Transform your recruitment process with our powerful integration with BULLHORN. Learn more

Insightly Integration with NUACOM Cloud Phone System

NUACOM Insightly Integration Phone System Calling App Platform

How to Use Insightly with NUACOM

Want to track all your calls and emails with your customers in one place? This is exactly what we offer with our in-house coded VoIP Phone System at NUACOM. Today, we are going to show you how to integrate your Insightly CRM with one of the most reliable phone systems available. It’s fast, easy, and affordable for businesses of all sizes!

Learn how to use Insightly with NUACOM in 4 simple steps:

  1. Go to our pricing page and select one of our three plans (the lowest starts from €9.99 per user each month!)
  2. After choosing the best plan for your business, you can either ‘Book a Demo’, ‘Get a Quote’, or chat with one of our reps.
  3. Once you signup with NUACOM, use Zapier to connect your VoIP phone system and Insightly CRM.
  4. Now, you can instantly create a series of “triggers and actions” like adding new incoming calls as notes to your Insightly contacts.

What is Insightly CRM?

If you’ve never heard of Insightly, here’s a brief overview. With over 1.5 million users around the world, Insightly ranks as the #1customer relationship management (CRM) software for Outlook, Gmail, and G Suite. The private computer technology company markets its product as a single “cloud-based unified platform”. It’s suitable for small and mid-size businesses as well as enterprise teams.

Insightly allows businesses to easily manage their contacts, track all engagements, monitor their sales pipeline and organize projects. This helps increase the number of average sales and satisfy each customer’s needs.

Insightly Voice Pricing vs. NUACOM 

To use Insightly Voice, you need to upgrade from the Insightly Plus plan ($29/user/month) to the Professional plan ($49/user/month) or the Enterprise plan ($99/user/month). However, even though Insightly Voice is included in the Professional and Enterprise plans, additional fees apply. Let’s break down the final costs:

Insightly Plus: $29/user/monthInsightly Professional:
Insightly Enterprise:
NUACOM Essentials:
Insightly Voice:
Insightly Voice:
$38.99 monthly, per user.
$84.00 monthly, per user.
$134.00 monthly, per user.
 Save $45.01 each month, per user with NUACOMSave $95.01 each month, per user with NUACOM

So, why should you choose NUACOM as your phone system integration over Insightly Voice? For starters, Insightly Voice is only available to users in Canada and the United States. Comparatively, NUACOM supports users from 100+ different countries and lets you make calls to any country in the world!

NUACOM Features for Insightly CRM Managers and Agents:

This two-way integration has some useful features that make communicating within the platform very easy. For instance, you can use NUACOM’s click-to-call feature in Insightly CRM to call leads by clicking on their phone number. This increases your sales representatives’ productivity of +800%. The click-to-call feature greatly reduces misdialing and allows your reps to make outbound calls much faster.

The NUACOM and Insightly integration also ensures all inbound, outbound, and missed calls are automatically logged in Insightly CRM. Additional information is included as well such as who answered the call, call duration, date and time. Effective monitoring has never been so easy!

Both managers and agents can greatly benefit from this integration. With NUACOM’s advanced reporting tool, managers can determine each agent’s KPIs, extension usage, call cost per agent, cost per call, and more. You can also use NUACOM’s Live Calls Wallboard to track your agent’s productivity and displays real-time call stats.

Insightly Integration and NUACOM Benefits:

Our Insightly integration has made it easy for sales teams to collaborate with each other and communicate with clients. We’ve seen an astounding difference in our client’s business when they switch to our services. Providing hardworking people with an affordable, reliable phone system was our goal 10 years ago and remains our primary objective to this day.

Get in contact with us over the live chat find out how you can set up our system (or this integration) within a few minutes.

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