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Getting Started with the Nuacom Business Phone System

Welcome to NUACOM, where the future of VoIP Phone System awaits you! We understand the thrill of upgrading your Phone System, and we’re delighted to have you on board. To ensure a smooth start to your journey, we have outlined the steps taken by our dedicated NUACOM Team to guarantee seamless functionality for your IP Phones and VoIP Phone System right from delivery.

Table of contents

Prepare your Network

Know what requirements you need to start using NUACOM.

Choose your plan

Understand our plans and choose the best one for you.

Account & Device Configuration

Discover the essential first steps of configuration.

Organise a Payment Method

Choose your best way, we accept multiple payment methods.

Transfer Your Numbers

Learn the proccess of transferring your existing phone numbers.

01 Prepare Your Network

NUACOM recommends a minimum download speed of 8 Mbps and an upload speed of 2 Mbps for seamless communication experiences. Ensure you’ve tested your broadband speed using NUACOM is available to assist you in conducting this test


Ensure that there is sucient LAN (Local Area Network) cabling in place, one cable available for each phone. If you don’t have sucient LAN cabling in place, you can opt for Wireless DECT Phones or procure additional cabling.

02 Choose Your Plan

Discover the freedom with NUACOM! Our flexible business phone plans empower you to tailor your communication needs eortlessly. With us, you’re in control – switch plans, add or remove users, and even upgrade or downgrade whenever you want.
Choose the plan that suits you best, as we oer a 30-day rolling contract basis for all our standard business phone pricing. And if an annual contract is more your style, our Sales Team is eager to assist you, or simply hop on our live chat for quick assistance.

Unlimited Essentials Enterprise

Free local number for each user Unlimited calls to landlines in Ireland/UK Call Reports & Analytics Free Desktop & Mobile App +32 Calling Features
At NUACOM, we believe in transparency, and that’s why all our Business Phone Pricing and call rates are presented excluding taxes. No hidden surprises, just straight-forward communication solutions for your business. Embrace efficiency and clarity with NUACOM today!

03 Account & Device Configuration

Once you’ve made the exciting decision to transition to NUACOM, the next vital step is to collect all the configuration details for a seamless setup. This involves gathering essential information such as user details, phone number allocation, preferences for call recording, choosing the right handset devices, and determining the need for a NUACOM Softphone
Additionally, you can explore various other optional elements to customize your communication experience. Our team is here to guide you through this process, ensuring a smooth and tailored transition to NUACOM’s cutting-edge communication solutions. Get ready to elevate your team’s communication game with NUACOM!
Call Recording
Ext. Numbers
Call Route

Devices are Shipped

At NUACOM, expect pre-configured device delivery in 2-3 working days, and larger orders within 5 working days, unless otherwise stated. Timely and reliable service, always.

04 Organise a Payment Method

NUACOM will raise an invoice for the first month of service, hardware and any other additional fees due. Payment is required upon receipt of this invoice before beginning to process your order.
If you choose to pay by Direct Debit, your NUACOM Point-of-Contact will schedule a first invoice date. Add a unique reference to your Direct Debit payment for easy reference purposes. Allow up-to-10 days for the Direct Debit payment to reflect in your account.

Please login to the NUACOM portal and enter your direct debit or credit card details.

05 Transfer Your Numbers

Number porting is a process of transferring your existing phone number from your current operator to Nuacom. This means that you can keep your phone number when you switch to Nuacom from a dierent operator. Please note we do not currently port Irish mobile numbers.

How do I go about it?

To port your number, you will need to contact the Nuacom porting team at and provide them with a few details:
Porting Form, clearly filled in and signed;
Telecom bill, a clear, recent copy

Use the correct account number within the porting form. Only request the porting for the numbers you intend to receive phone calls to.

Please note you must have an active account with Nuacom to port the numbers.

What to expect?

The Nuacom porting team will then request the transfer of your number from your current network operator. The transfer process can take up to 24 hours to complete, during which you should not experience any loss of service. Once the transfer is complete, you start to receive incoming calls to your new NUACOM phone system

Porting Charges will apply.

If you are experiencing issues:

Access our arcticle post about Number Porting or contact us!

Thank you for reading our guide on Getting Started with the Nuacom Business Phone System

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