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Landline Area Codes

Irish Geographic Numbers and Area Codes

Geographic numbers are telephone numbers linked to a particular geographic location identifiable through it’s area code prefix. ComReg regulates the telecommunications sector in Ireland in accordance with EU and domestic legislation and is tasked with the management of the National Numbering Scheme.

Non-Geographic Numbers & Short Codes

Non-Geographic numbers are numbers where a geographic area is not directly identifiable from the number. The services covered by these numbers include freephone services, shared-cost services, universal access services, premium rate services and nomadic services. There are now only two Non-Geographic Number (NGN) ranges, 1800 Freephone and 0818 Standard Rate. The 1850, 1890, and 076 NGN ranges are no longer in service. 1800 numbers (Freephone) and 0818 numbers (Standard Rate) NGNs remain in operation.

Mobile Numbers

Mobile numbers are typically used within public land mobile telephony networks (e.g. GSM).

Local Area Codes for landline numbers in Ireland, cost and information

area codes
Local Landline Area codes in Ireland

Area Codes

If you are looking for prices and cost related to local area landline numbers in Ireland, or non-geographic numbers click here and request a quick quote.
area codes map Ireland
area codes map Ireland
Some of the information presented in this article is also present on the ComReg, the statutory body responsible for the regulation of the electronic communications sector in Ireland.
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