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February 22, 2021

1800 number cost


1800 Number

The 1800 number in Ireland is considered as a non-geographic and toll-free telephone number. It is a phone number that is free for callers to ring, as the recipient is responsible for the bill of transaction.

This number is typically used by call centers, businesses that provide services nationwide and large enterprises. However, as it has become extremely more affordable in the past 2 years in Ireland, there has been a spike in the number of requests from small-mid-sized businesses for an 1800 phone number. As it is considered a premium number, consumers co-relate businesses with 1800 as a solid and credible entity that especially cares about customer service.


Why should I choose to use the toll-free number 1800?

What makes this 1800 number superb is that it will give you a core competency over each competitor who does not offer a free-to-call service. Furthermore, it gives you real-time analytics and quick operation services, such as campaigns that need monitoring.


1800 number cost

For you to have a toll-free number, you need to connect this one with your business. You will also receive a monthly charge and will then be required to pay per minute for any call received on this line. However, it will still depend on the operator because it means different operators, different price settings. Our clients are charged per minute of inbound calls. It will depend on whether it comes from a cellphone or a landline, but the amount is affordable. It is less than a cent (0.87c) in specific.


1800 number costs

How much does the receiver is charged for 1800 inbound calls?

There is no fixed price for something like a free phone number to receive a call. The exact price the receiver will pay will depend on where the toll-free call starts and where it falls. As mentioned above, the cost is per minute, from 0.86c. Although some providers may charge a connection fee per call and round the minutes to the next rounded number, NUACOM bills its clients per usage, calculated in seconds.

The charge is 0.86c/min.
You talk with a customer for 70 seconds.
The total charge of this call would be 1 cent of Euro, instead of 1.72c.


Can you offer a discount for high-volume purchasers?

We take a reasonable and discounted price for the high-volume purchasers. However, it will be determined depending on the NUACOM plan you choose. Please contact us for a custom solution.


How to get an 1800 number?

1800 numbers are available for business use. All you need to do is to set up a NUACOM account for your business, request us for an 1800 number and choose how you wish to route the inbound calls to this number.

The activation usually begins on the very same day, often within a matter of minutes after the request of the customers.


What additional features can it offer?

Please find below some of our features included in our plans that can be used for your 1800 number:>

– Auto-Attendant: a particular greeting message to play to all your customers.
IVR and Voice Menu: automatically route calls based on customer’s needs, using automated voice and menu options.
– Opening / Closing Hours: time-based call routing available.
– Call Queues: eradicating engaged tone and queuing all your callers.
Call Recording: save all your business conversations.
– Call Tags: classify your calls per inquiries, for better management.
– Call Notes: summarise your conversations and save time.
– Live Call Wallboard: view who is on a call, for how long, and how many calls per day.
– Call Analytics & Advanced Reporting: keep track of your 1800 number activities, see the number of completed VS missed calls, peak time, team members performance, and more.

There are a couple of other Cloud PBX features such as smart call transfer, call conference, ring strategy, live call monitoring, custom music on-hold and more. For a full list of features, talk to our Sales Team.


Can I direct the inbound calls to a specific group of people?

Yes. On your user portal, you can invite colleagues to join NUACOM, create groups of extensions and route inbound calls to groups. You can also choose the ring strategy: if you wish to ring all simultaneously or in hunting. There is a total of 6 strategies for you to choose from.


Can I record all calls associated with my 1800 number?

Yes. Since call recording is part of our suite of features, you can enjoy your call while recording it. We also offer a pause/resume recording function if you need to take some confidential details over the phone. The recordings are saved in an EU datacenter, as part of our cloud service, according to GDPR.


Can I use it as a Caller ID for outbound calls?

Yes. You can customize your caller ID setting to show your desired phone number.


Can I route inbound calls to another number or even to my mobile?

Yes, you can choose the path inbound calls to your 1800 toll-free number would take. You can also choose different scenarios based on the time or day of the week. These are all available in our Hosted PBX product.

1800 free phone cost

Some of the information presented in this article is also present on the ComReg, the statutory body responsible for the regulation of the electronic communications sector in Ireland.


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