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Transform your recruitment process with our powerful integration with BULLHORN. Learn more

7 Must-have Zoho Integrations

Zoho CRM is a prizewinning web-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system for regulating your marketing, sales and communication channels in a single platform. From small businesses to large corporations, Zoho CRM caters to organisations of all sizes. The CRM platform enables users to automate their daily tasks, track sales, and engage customers in one cooperative workspace. 7 Must-have Zoho Integrations for Better Support

Zoho Marketplace

The Zoho Marketplace offers some of the best business apps for better communication. By integrating your Zoho CRM with the right apps, you can create a powerful combination to automate tedious workflows, improve customer engagement, and increase your conversion rates! But what is the RIGHT combination? Well, we did the research and compiled a list of the 7 must-have Integrations available in the Zoho Marketplace.


NUACOM Cloud Phone System enhances communication for businesses and connects team members to leads. The Zoho integration with NUACOM allows you to call your contacts directly from Zoho CRM, while viewing their information (name, location, industry, comments). Boost your sales performance by recording all incoming and outgoing calls. Automatically log your calls into Zoho CRM so you can quickly retrieve all the information you need for the next call. Never wait for your call to end to write your comments! Easily add Call Notes during your conversation and save them to Zoho CRM. With NUACOM, you can save time, reduce misdialing, and centralize all your communication with leads and customers.

2. Zendesk Support

By integrating with Zendesk Support, you can create, modify, and track Zendesk tickets in your Zoho CRM. Never miss a customer inquiry again by using the Zendesk extension ’SalesSignals’. Pop-ups appear in your Zoho CRM every time a ticket is created, responded to or modified by a team member. Always be up-to-date on your customer inquiries so you can issue timely follow-ups!

3. Pandadoc

The integration with PandaDoc lets you control every stage of the document lifecycle without needing to download additional software or leave Zoho CRM. Always be informed when your prospects and customers access, download and eSign documents in real-time. With this two-way integration, you can easily track the content your contacts spend the most time viewing. So you’ll know how to personally engage with them and follow-up at the opportune moment.

4. ActiveCampaign

By integrating with ActiveCampaign, you can sync all your leads and contacts directly to your Zoho CRM. Stay connected to your campaigns sent through ActiveCampaign and track their status in Zoho CRM. Receive sales signal notifications in Zoho CRM whenever your campaign is accessed, clicked, and shared with another person.

5. Slack

Receive automated updates on a deal’s progress in Zoho, share CRM records, report stats, receive SalesSignal and reminder notifications. In addition, you can use the “/” command to search specific records. On the Zoho interface, users can share records and reports simply by clicking on the ‘Share via Slack’ option.

6. Google Contacts

Easily set up a two-way sync on your desktop and phone by integrating your Zoho CRM with Google Contacts. With a free 14-day trial, you can quickly see how beneficial this program is to improve your customer support! Use premium filters and configurable field mapping to gain full control over the two-way sync. This enables all your contact data to be perfectly matched and merged on your phone and within Zoho CRM.

7. Zapier

An integration between Zoho CRM and Zapier helps businesses create workflows and automate the process of transferring data between Zoho CRM and hundreds of other business apps. It can be used to enhance the process in presales and post-sales stages. Currently, there are 1,000+ business apps on the Zapier platform.  

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