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Transform your recruitment process with our powerful integration with BULLHORN. Learn more

7 Must-Have ActiveCampaign Integrations for Better Engagement

ActiveCampaign is a rapidly developing company that offers users email marketing, sales automation, and a CRM software platform. It’s a great asset for small businesses that need custom workflows, SMS marketing, newsletters, and drag & drop email designer. Startups can also use ActiveCampaign to initiate their customer engagement and gather touchpoints.  ActiveCampaign integrations

ActiveCampaign Marketplace

The ActiveCampaign Marketplace has over 250 apps! This quickly becomes overwhelming when searching for the best integrations. Some apps offer more advanced features than others, making it difficult to determine which integrations are the right solution for your business. Luckily, we scanned through the ActiveCampaign Marketplace compared different business apps, and discovered the 7-must have ActiveCampaign integrations for better engagement:


NUACOM Cloud Phone System offers a complete suite of features for Sales, Support and Management teams. It conveniently integrates your incoming and outgoing calls with numerous communication channels including, ActiveCampaign. The two-way integration between NUACOM and ActiveCampaign (powered by Zapier), allows you to set automated ‘triggers’ for all incoming and outgoing calls. The ActiveCampaign ‘actions’ also include automatically creating a new deal, account, or contact note for every call made with NUACOM. You can even add Call Notes to a deal during an ongoing conversation. This lets you easily record the outcome of a conversation to prepare for the next call! 

2. Asana (CMS)

With this project management tool, you can track your daily tasks, monitor your team, and easily view the status of each project. Rather than relying on emails to handle your tasks and communication, use the Asana app to communicate with your team. By integrating Asana with ActiveCampaign, you can arrange and sync your contacts and deal activity. Create a collaborative workspace, empower your sales team and monitor their interactions in real-time.

3. Zendesk (Support)

Zendesk is a customer service system that offers users a variety of products (Sell, Support, Chat) which are packaged separately. So for this integration, we’re focusing on Zendesk Support. Support helps businesses manage their inbound ticket requests from multiple communication channels. With this integration, you can sync your Support tickets with the contact information registered in ActiveCampaign. In the contact’s page, you can view the status of all your Zendesk Support tickets. Stay informed on every customer interaction and quickly respond to inquiries.

4. PipeDrive (CRM)

Pipedrive primarily focuses on SMBs, offering a CRM system and lead management tools for small sales teams. It helps businesses keep track of important activities and customer conversations. Conveniently, ActiveCampaign built its own Pipedrive integration that’s accessible within the ActiveCampaign’s Import Page. This integration lets you sync new contacts and update existing contacts into ActiveCampaign whenever the data changes inside of PipeDrive.

5. Calendly (Event Management)

This scheduling platform allows businesses to save time, manage their schedules, and impress new leads and customers. The Calendly integration (powered by Zapier), lets you add new prospects in ActiveCampaign as contacts the moment they schedule a meeting with you. In addition, you can schedule Calendly events to trigger automated workflows. For example, adding a new contact to an email marketing campaign or drip campaign.

6. Slack (Social)

Slack is a great communication tool to consolidate your team’s conversation in one platform. It’s an ideal solution for businesses with remote team members, reducing the need for long email threads. By integrating Slack with ActiveCampaign (powered by Zapier), you can post updates on Slack when important events occur in your sales and marketing process. For example, when a new contact subscribes or deal occurs, you can post an update on your Sales channel and instantly inform your team.

7. Zapier (Developer Tools)

The Zapier integration lets you connect ActiveCampaign with 500+ apps to automate all your workflows. Business app connections known as Zaps allow you to import and update new deals, notes, and contacts directly into ActiveCampaign. When you set ActiveCampaign as the ‘trigger’, you can set up automated posts about your new marketing campaign and connect them to your contacts. You can even build your own ActiveCampaign integrations on Zapier to capture leads, market to new attendees, and many more! 

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