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5 Reasons to Switch to IP Telephony & Scale Up your Business in 2022

A flexible and reliable phone system is vital for your business. It should guarantee your business has a strong local presence and provides a seamless and easy way to connect with your customers and allow you to grow your business. You need a great phone system to stay competitive and find new customers. Is your existing phone system flexible, is it scalable, does it have a reasonable price?

Traditionally, businesses used to rely on legacy phone systems which were often basic and bulky equipment. They have limited functionality and they involve additional charges for line rental, maintenance and much more. In the modern business world, professionals need modern and innovative solutions to improve their business communication and make it more efficient. This is essential for the growth of any business.

The key to success in business today is in new technology and especially in VOIP and cloud computing. These technologies can help you provide a better customer service and win more customers.

And the key to success lies in: new technology (VOIP and cloud computing).

In Q2 2016 approximately 60.1% of all fixed broadband subscriptions were equal to or greater than 30Mbps, up from 51.1% in Q2 2015

Irish Communications Market: Key Data Report – Q2 2016: ComReg

Thanks to increased broadband speed, minimal upfront investment, reliability, flexibility and lots of advanced features, etc. businesses are showing an increased interest in cloud based telephony. This is the next generation solution that is intended to improve your business communication: it is more flexible, affordable and efficient.

If you already have a fast broadband (we recommend 7-10 Mbps) and IP capable handsets or apps (we provide high-quality Cisco IP phones) you are eligible to use our hosted phone service. You simply have to plug in the phones into your Internet connection and start making and receiving calls instantly.

What is so special about IP phone systems and why you should go for them? Here are 5 reasons:

1. AFFORDABLE PRICE – by switching to cloud based telephony, you reduce significantly the price of your phone bills, by around 50%. You can cut costs if you move away from legacy technology and you will save money. Your business will no longer have line rental fees, additional charges for support and maintenance. Additionally, you get free calls to Irish and UK landlines and other international destinations. Calls between your handsets or extensions are also free. Save money by switching to our phone system.

2. CUTTING EDGE FEATURES – traditional phone systems are not versatile and powerful. With IP telephony, your communication needs are fully covered and you have advanced options that will enable your business to have a better system. These options include call recording, call queues, IVR menu, call transfer, call conference, advanced reporting, SMS tools, mobile app and so much more.

3. FLEXIBILITY – have your multiple office locations (national or international)? Install the handsets and call between your offices for free. Moving to another location? Take the handsets with you, plug them in and use the service instantly. Working remotely? Use a compatible mobile or desktop app to make and receive calls on the go. Nothing could be easier.

4. MOBILITY – you can manage your business on the go and perform important calls regardless of your geographical location. Use desktop apps to make/receive calls from anywhere or use our mobile app (Android, iOS) to manage your account and get access to valuable data, including call logs, call recordings, contacts, etc.

5. SCALABILITY – scale up/down your phone system, according to your business needs. It is so easy to add new extensions, phone numbers, users, etc. These are all time and resource consuming processes if you have a legacy phone system. Open new offices or connect your existing ones, get local or international phone numbers and expand your business. We can help you to expand your number of customers.

If you’re thinking about upgrading your existing phone system and making your business communication more efficient: IP telephony is the best choice for you. Switch now to see the difference and grow your business.

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