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TOP 7 Pipedrive Integrations

Pipedrive offers a simple solution for businesses new to CRM by hosting a user-friendly system with an easy setup. Pipedrive's user interface has a minimalist layout which saves time learning the system and money required for additional software. The main function of Pipedrive is to provide businesses with a visual pipeline for deals. Users can enter ideas and new deals into their pipeline, by simply clicking and dragging the information into the appropriate places.'

This CRM system is easy to use but it needs additional business apps and integrations to improve the system. Think of Pipedrive as the foundation for your sales stack; you still need the right tools to design the structure of your sales workflow. Luckily, Pipedrive integrates with some of the best (and free to use) business apps in its marketplace. However, the options are abundant and overwhelming. So we did the research and found the 7 must-have integrations with your Pipedrive CRM!

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7. Dealbot for Slack (Bots & Messaging)

Dealbot Pipedrive Integration

By integrating Pipedrive with Dealbot for Slack, you can increase communication with your team by offering a channel to send and receive instant deal updates. This lets you quickly bring together multiple team members to help close deals or you can simply use this integration to keep your team informed. Pipedrive Dealbot will provide automatic updates about personal status, newly added and closed deals directly within Slack. If you are using workflow automation, you can even set up personalised notifications based on the filters and triggers you choose.


6. Drip (Email Marketing)


This two-way integration lets you send your leads from Drip directly to your Pipedrive CRM, merging your sales and marketing actions into one. Drip lets users send customised email campaigns to carefully selected leads, at the precise moment of engagement. Built a personal connection with your customer and target the marketing campaigns in relation to the client with Drip integration. Once you have collected your subscribers through Drip, send them as leads to your Pipedrive CRM.


5. Zapier (Integration Platform)


By integrating your Pipedrive CRM with Zapier, you can automatically gather information for different business apps and send them to Pipedrive (or vice versa). You can do this with 'Zaps', a mixture of triggers and actions in Pipedrive which could be updating a note or creating a new deal. These help you concentrate on closing deals and building connections rather than updating a person's data manually.'


4. (Lead Generation)

With this integration, you can feed your Pipedrive CRM with brand-new deals in 1-click. With the drip campaign feature, start sending cold emails and automatically transfer your prospects to your Pipedrive CRM, depending on their actions (email opened, link clicked, replay sent, etc.). You can stop manually creating deals in Pipedrive and completely automate the process! Use the Google Chrome extension to gather email addresses from professional networks or websites.


3. PandaDoc (Proposals & contracts)

Pandadoc Integration

PandaDoc provides you with electronic eSignatures and a platform to create, send and share online documents. Boost your Pipedrive CRM by optimising the full sales cycle in a single tool! With this integration, you can create proposals or contracts and send documents requiring eSignatures to your leads from Pipedrive deals. Each PandaDoc subscription comes with legally-binding eSignatures. Closing a deal online has never been so easy!


2. Asana (Task Management)


Asana is a widely-used project management tool that offers seamless integration with your Pipedrive CRM to organise all your daily tasks. This two-way integration lets you automatically create Asana tasks whenever Pipedrive deals are changed, allowing effective communication between team members. You can also change which deal details are sent to Asana tasks, letting you properly manage customer and sales data.''


1. NUACOM (Phone Solution)

Softphone Apps

By integrating with Cloud Phone System NUACOM, you can easily access the call centre features within your Pipedrive CRM interface. The click-to-call option is a must-have feature to encourage your sales team to increase their call ratio with less effort, greatly reducing misdialing. One of the greatest benefits of integrating NUACOM with your CRM is that all your call recordings are automatically saved on the contact page in Pipedrive. So, you can listen to calls and read emails exchanges to help you gather the information you need for the next conversation. You can even add notes to a call activity as a smart way to save the outcome of your customer conversations. Connecting with leads is essential for higher conversion rates! As an additional bonus, all call logs are saved directly to the contact's page, so you'll never lose track of an important lead again!


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