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Drive performance & analytics with our new AI-powered Integration with GONG. Learn more

Solution For Call Center

Inbound Call Center Software
for Modern Businesses

An Inbound Call Center solution focused on user experience, analytics and automation, so you can focus on what matters: performance!

call center
call center

Inbound Call Center Software trusted by 5,000+ Irish customers

VoIP handsets
VoIP handsets
Call Center Software

Build Call Flows, Teams and Monitor Performance

Call Center Software
Route Calls With Automations
Set Auto-attendant, Opening Hours and Voice Menu to automatically route calls to the right department.
Handle All Inbound Calls
Create groups, virtual queues and set your ring strategy. Handle more calls and delight all your customers.
Coach Your Team In Real-Time
Turn agents into experts with Live Call Coaching, helping them have better conversations and performance.
Track Outcomes, Not Just Calls
Deal Won, Case Solved, Follow Up. Use the power of Call Tags and classify conversations the way you need.

NUACOM allows us to listen back to the phone calls, which is great for management and quality control.

Stephen Walker
Managing Director, Autokey Automotive

Handling calls in the right way

Smart Call Transfer & Conference
Transfer calls internally or externally, to a single user or to a group, or simply add another participant to your call.
Integrated System
Combine calls, emails, chat, and other activities in one location, with our CRM and Helpdesk integrations.
Powerful for Sales Teams
Encouraging sales reps to make more calls and achieve their quota.
Essential for Support Teams
Give your customer service team the tools to resolve issues faster.

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5/5 stars

5/5 stars
Softphone Mobile Desktop and VoIP Phone

On your Desktop, Mobile and Deskphone

Softphone Mobile Desktop and VoIP Phone
Multi-device system
Handle calls from your desktop, mobile and office deskphone.
Multi-site deployment
Be connected wherever you are: in-office, home-office, or on-the-road.
Multi-profile management
Manage users and extensions and control access, all in one interface.
One powerful platform
Book a demo, see NUACOM in action and get started in less than 5 minutes.

Vital Metrics & Functionalities
that a Successful Call Center Needs

Live Call Wallboard
See agent’s status and performance, abandoned vs. completed calls, waiting list and more.
Live Call Monitoring
Join and listen to any live call to better provide quality support for your agents!
 Automated Call Distribution
Use our Time-based call routing, IVR and Ring Strategy to never miss a call again.
Integrations and API
Combine your calls and business applications using our native integration or open API.
Agent Performance
Keep track of each agent’s performance anytime.
Call Recording
Use Call Recording for training and quality of service.
Call Details
Keep track of every detail with our Call Notes, Tags and Logs.
All Telephony Features
Call Transfer, Conference, Hold/Resume, and 40+ other features.

Call Center Prices

For Modern Call Centers

From 49 .98
What is included:
  • Free Inbound Calls
  • Free Outbound Mobile & Landline Calls
  • Auto-Attendant, Voice Menu, Opening Hours
  • Call queues with music on hold
  • Automated Call Recording
  • Call Tags, Notes, and Reports
  • Bundle Calls & Emails with CRM Integration
  • Free Desktop & Mobile App
  • And all 30+ telephony functions.

For Advanced Call Centers

Everything in the modern solution, plus:
  • All Integrations
  • Live Call Wallboard
  • Live Call Coaching
  • Log-in / Log-out from Virtual Queues
  • Advanced Call Reports & Analytics
  • Queue Position Announcement
  • Queue Call Back Request
  • After-call Wrap-up Time
  • And all 30+ telephony functions.
Prices excluding VAT