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#1 Small Business Phone System


The Small Business Phone System Solution that includes:

Unlimited Mobile & Landline Calls.

Free Modern Deskphone and Softphone.

50+ Features such as Call Recording, Auto-Attendant, Voice Menu and more.


NUACOM phone system allows us to listen back to the phone calls, which is great for management and quality control.

Stephen Walker
Managing Director, Autokey Automotive

VoIP Phone System Automated

Phone System Automation for Small Business:

VoIP Phone System Automated
Greeting Messages
Set automated greeting messages and on-hold announcement.
Voice Menu
Greet and route calls to the right teams, automatically.
Working Hours
Set working hours per department and keep your customers informed.
Manage Extensions
Add, Remote and Group Extensions for better collaboration.

Combined Phone System with Hardware:

VoIP Phones
HD Voice Quality
High quality voice and speakers, from the servers to your handsets.
Auto-forward to Mobile
Handle your business phone system calls from your mobile.
Shared Phonebook
Access all your business phone system contacts from any handset.
All Standard Features
Smart Call Transfer, Call Conference (3-ways), Hold/Resume and more.
VoIP Phones

What Our Clients Are Saying:

“NUACOM have been a great choice for us, as we only use state of the art technology.”

Michael O’Connell, MD

House of Finance

“Great for management and Quality Control. We saved approximately 50-60%.”

Stephen Walker, MD


“Since we installed the system, we find out we are not missing any calls anymore.”

John Martin Sextor, MD

The Logo Shop

“The system has lots of nice features but the most important is the lines are never busy.”

Michael Mazilu, Owner

Pandinis Restaurant