Optimise Your Woodpecker Campaigns With Call Events

Generate better outcomes from your Woodpecker campaigns by leveraging call events to create a highly targeted and responsive audience.

Woodpecker + Nuacom: Power Up Your Outbound Sales

Introducing Woodpecker, a robust cold email and follow-up automation platform that streamlines your outreach efforts. Seamlessly connect Nuacom’s phone system with Woodpecker using Zapier, empowering you to manage your contact lists effectively and keep your campaigns targeted and precise. Leverage your prospect buying signals over the phone to trigger actions in your campaigns. Keep your list up-to-date with the ability to automatically add and remove contacts that have engaged with your team over the phone, from your email campaigns.

Experience the perks of elevated engagement and exceptional metrics such as open rate and click-through rate, while automating new campaigns and liberating your team’s time and energy. The main value of this integration lies in its potential to harness any buyer signal – from website visits and live chats to phone calls – within your marketing automation process, delivering a comprehensive 360-degree perspective of your customers and cultivating multiple touchpoints to increase revenue.

Embark on your Nuacom and Woodpecker integration journey today and elevate your email campaigns to new heights with just a few effortless steps!