Drive More Results in Sendpulse with Nuacom Phone System

Optimize your Sendpulse campaigns by using Nuacom call events to dynamically add new contacts to your audience.

Sendpulse + Nuacom: Upgrade Your Campaigns

Introducing Sendpulse, a versatile marketing automation platform designed to streamline your email, text, and push notification campaigns. Connect Nuacom’s phone system with Sendpulse using Zapier, enabling you to refine your contact lists and maintain the effectiveness of your multi-channel campaigns. Leverage your contacts’ phone interactions to initiate automated actions within your campaigns. Maintain up-to-date marketing lists by automatically incorporating or excluding contacts who have engaged with your team via phone calls.

Improve your marketing metrics such as open rate and click-through rate, while automating new campaigns and freeing up your team’s time and energy. Tap into any buyer signal – be it website visits, live chats, or phone calls – within your marketing automation process, offering a holistic 360-degree view of your customers and nurturing multiple touchpoints to boost revenue.

Begin your Nuacom and Sendpulse integration journey today and elevate your multi-channel marketing campaigns with just a few simple steps!