Supercharge Your Sendloop Campaigns with Nuacom Call Events

Automate the effectiveness of your Sendloop campaign with Nuacom call events to dynamically add new contacts to your audience.

Sendloop + Nuacom: Level Up Your Campaigns

Introducing Sendloop, an intuitive email marketing platform tailored to assist businesses of all sizes in managing and automating their email campaigns.

Fine-tune your email marketing lists and workflows by using your contact’s call activities as signals to your campaigns. Automatically add and remove contacts from dynamic lists every time they engage with your team over the phone, run more effective campaigns and drive more results with an up-to-date dynamic database.

Delight in the advantages of increased engagement and outstanding metrics such as open rate and click-through rate, while simultaneously automating new campaigns and freeing up time for your team. The primary benefit of this integration is its capacity to incorporate any buyer signal – be it visits, chats, or calls – into your marketing automation strategy, providing a well-rounded 360-degree perspective of your customers and fostering multiple touchpoints to boost revenue.

Embark on the Nuacom and Sendloop integration journey today and take your email campaigns to new heights with just a few simple steps!