Upgrade Your Mailjet Campaigns with Nuacom Calling Solution

Enhance your Mailjet campaign’s performance by utilizing Nuacom call events to add new contacts to your audience, automatically.

Mailjet + Nuacom: Simplify Your Email Marketing

Introducing Mailjet, an all-in-one email marketing platform that helps businesses streamline their transactional and promotional email campaigns. Integrate Nuacom’s phone system with Mailjet using Zapier, allowing you to effectively manage your contact lists and keep your email campaigns on target and efficient. Utilize your contacts’ calling events to trigger automated actions in your campaigns. Keep your marketing lists current by automatically adding or removing contacts that have engaged with your team over the phone.

Experience the benefits of increased engagement and outstanding metrics such as open rate and click-through rate, while automating new campaigns and saving your team valuable time and effort. The main value of this integration lies in its ability to capture any buyer signal – from website visits and live chats to phone calls – within your marketing automation process, providing a comprehensive 360-degree perspective of your customers and fostering multiple touchpoints to drive revenue growth.

Get started today on your Nuacom and Mailjet integration journey, and elevate your email campaigns with just a few easy steps!