Power Up Your Mailchimp with Call Events

Drive better results from your Mailchimp campaigns by using call events to dynamically build your audience.

Mailchimp + Nuacom: Optimize Your Email Campaigns

Mailchimp is an email marketing platform that helps businesses send targeted email campaigns. By integrating Nuacom phone system with Mailchimp using Zapier, you can dynamically add or remove contacts that have spoken to your team over the phone from campaigns, ensuring that your email marketing lists are always up-to-date. This integration can enhance engagement, improve metrics such as open rate and click-through rate, and automate new campaigns, saving your team time and effort.

Leverage any buyer signal, whether it is a visit, a chat, or even a call, within the marketing automation to provide a true 360-view and multi touchpoints, ultimately generating revenue.

Get started today and enjoy the benefits of a streamlined email campaign process, with an easy setup process that takes just a few minutes!