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Discontinuation of Panasonic PBX Phone Systems: Understanding the Decision and Implications

Panasonic has recently announced its strategic decision to discontinue the “Panasonic Business Communication” business, which includes Panasonic PBX telephone systems, SIP telephone systems, and Scanner categories. This decision comes as a result of several factors affecting the company’s ability to sustain and adapt in the evolving business landscape.


In recent years, Panasonic has made efforts to ensure the sustainability of its organization and strengthen its relationships with partners. However, upon careful evaluation, it has become evident that continuing the business is no longer viable. Several key factors have contributed to this decision, including a sharp decline in the market for traditional phone systems and a significant shift towards cloud-based solutions.

Additionally, Panasonic has identified a technological mismatch between their factory capabilities and the evolving needs and trends of the market. Lagging behind in research and development activities compared to competitors has also impacted the company’s ability to compete effectively. These challenges have led to a constant financial deficit, making it increasingly difficult for Panasonic to sustain the business.


Furthermore, the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the shift towards new types of communication demands, such as Teams and Zoom. This rapid transformation in the industry has further rendered the future of the Panasonic business uncertain and unpredictable.

Given these circumstances, businesses relying on Panasonic PBX phone systems may face limitations and potential disruptions in their communication infrastructure. As a result, it becomes crucial to explore alternative solutions that align with the evolving needs of your organisation.


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