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5 Phone System Features to streamline your business

As we roll into 2019 the need for customer service and speed has never been more prominent. We are in a digital age where customers demand action at the click of a button, companies that do not enhance their methods of communication are at the forefront of being left behind by more tech-savvy businesses.

The digital age has brought everything online, including speaking with your customers. This has been made possible with the expansion from emails into live chat, video conferencing, social media platforms and VoIP systems.

Here at NUACOM, we empower your business with the tools to streamline and speed up your telephone customer service. Don't be left behind, check out these 5 system features every business should have in 2019.


CRM Integration


Most companies now work from a CRM system whether it be SalesForce, Hubspot, Pipedrive, or one of the many more out there. These CRM systems are great for storing customer data, segmenting into prospects and clients etc. The great news is we integrate with pretty much all of them. The NUACOM system takes this one step further by integrating your VoIP phone system with your CRM. Want a call to be logged automatically after an agent has spoken with a customer. Are your staff constantly trying to remember what was said to a customer, or forgot to note one small detail that the customer required?

The NUACOM integration allows for the call data to be stored within your CRM. As soon as an employee has finished speaking with a customer, the call data is sent directly to the customers’ page on your CRM. No need to manually log calls that can be inaccurate. Another benefit is to match an incoming call to a customer or ticket already in the CRM system with the click of a button. This information is invaluable for managers to understand how their customers are interacting with the business.


Call Recording

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The recording of data has been in the spotlight over the last 2 years with the deployment of GDPR, businesses have scrambled to see what can be stored and what can't be. Luckily, we have a system that allows GDPR compliant recordings. This along with the CRM integration further harnesses the power of the customer data you control and gives a better user experience. Some benefits include:

  • Listen back at any time
  • Add a note to the call
  • Use for training purposes
  • Maintenance and creation of audit trails
  • See which employee spoke with the customer
  • Note the length of the call
  • Datestamps for when the call was logged
  • Reduce your liability with tamper-proof call records.

And much more'.


Opening Hours

Embrace the new way of business opening hours. Customers do not want to hear an engaged tone or for the call to ring out if your business is closed. The NUACOM VoIP system can open and close your phone systems automatically with your scheduled times. This feature allows your customers to hear different messages and options while open or closed. For example, your business closes the sales lines at weekends but your support teams are active. You can set your opening system to shut off the sales lines during weekends and leave the support lines open. There are endless possibilities for this system and can be added to all departments.

Find-Me Follow-Me

The Find-Me Follow-Me feature was introduced so you never miss a call. If you are away from your desk you can set a timeout action that after a selected time your mobile will ring simultaneously with your desk phone. This allows you to return to answer the desk phone without the need to answer the mobile device if you prefer. This feature is perfect for managers that are moving from office to office throughout the day.


Pop-Up Notifications for Incoming Calls

By using pop-up notifications you can quickly access the customers' data when you receive an incoming call. This speeds up old processes such as asking the customer to give their details over the phone or looking at the desk phone to enter the number into the computer. As standard this action opens the NUACOM application, however, you can customise this action to trigger any web-based application you currently use. A subtle but great way to streamline your customer service further.


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