Opening Hours Feature

Opening Hours Feature Description:

Opening Hours feature can be used to inform your clients in a professional manner about your company’s working hours. It will tell them when they can make an inquiry and when they can receive some assistance. You can set up open/close times by logging into your account and using your web interface or by using the mobile app. It is as simple as that! When a customer calls you and if your office is closed at that time, the customer gets a custom message announcing that your business is out of hours and when staff will be available.

Opening Hours Feature Customized:

You can, at any time, listen to or record new messages using your handset. We also provide Professional Voice-over services, as an Add-on. This NUACOM Phone System feature will allow you to provide superior customer service in a modern way.

Opening Hours Feature

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How our clients benefit from our technology:

“NUACOM have been a great choice for us in relation to our telephone system and communication provision, as we only use state of the art technology. An example of this: we’ve recently moved offices. We simply took the phones from our previous office, brought straight in here without any great configuration and were able to make/receive calls to and from our valued clients. This is very important to us as a modern business.

Michael O’Connell, Managing Director
House of Finance

Handle your calls in a professional way with Opening Hours Feature

With our system, you can easily set up and manage the opening hours of your business. All the changes occur in real time. Please tell us more about your working hours and we’ll suggest you the best option.