IVR - Interactive Voice Response

IVR Feature Description:

NUACOM provides our customers with a fully functional IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system, also known as e-receptionist or virtual receptionist. This means that when you receive a call it is answered automatically and a welcome message is played. Then our system can offer the caller a series of options. The caller selects an option using his keypad and is routed to the appropriate department or employee.

IVR Feature Purposes:

You can also forward the call to other handsets, send it to voicemail or divert a call to a member of staff’s mobile phone. There is a wide range of options and functions on the menu which can be changed by you in real time through our website. It is simple!

You can also tell us what communication flow you want to achieve and we will set up the IVR menu for you. Additionally, we can record professional welcome messages for you, or you can record them using your handset.

At the end, you automatically answer all your calls, place in a queue unlimited incoming calls and provide your caller a better experience with our business phone system.


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How our clients benefit from our technology:

“NUACOM have been a great choice for us in relation to our telephone system and communication provision, as we only use state of the art technology. An example of this: we’ve recently moved offices. We simply took the phones from our previous office, brought straight in here without any great configuration and were able to make/receive calls to and from our valued clients. This is very important to us as a modern business.

Michael O’Connell, Managing Director
House of Finance

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