Greeting Message

Greeting Message Feature Description:

We provide to our clients with a greeting message for the phone system, also known as a welcome message. This recording is the first voice your callers hear when they call your company. It is fully customizable to different voices, for different phone numbers you have in your business.

Greeting Message Feature Purposes:

For a better professional looking phone system, the greeting message is the key to success. If your business is multinational, it is recommended to have one greeting message per location, with native voice recording, either male or female, in the same official language of that location.

Greeting Message Phone System Feature

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How our clients benefit from our technology:

“NUACOM phone system allows us to monitor our phone calls. We know when there are peak times on phone calls, when we need more staff on the counters and when we can reduce that. It also allows us to listen back to the phone calls, which is great for management and quality control. We saved approximately 50-60% in our phone bills, we can also use SIM card hosting option to call mobile phones which reduces your bills even more.”

Stephen Walker, Managing Director
Autokey Automotive

Make a good impression and greet your callers professionally!

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