Phone System Apps for your Business: iOS and Android

NUACOM Mobile Apps for phone system is a useful extension of our hosted phone system. It works on both Android and iOS mobile devices and can be used to manage your business communication from anywhere. You simply install it on your mobile device, log in to your NUACOM account and get all the features at your fingertips. Use our app to view all your call logs, manage your contacts, playback your call recordings, set up or manage your opening hours and much more. Our mobile app is one of the most in-demand extensions, so we are permanently improving it based on your feedback. Download it for free and start using it now! Our Phone System Apps can enhance your business and improve your efficiency and make your life so much easier. With our app, you can manage your business from any location, even from the comfort of your own home.

Phone System Apps

View detailed call logs

View all your previous incoming, outgoing or missed calls.

Playback call recordings

Tap on a dedicated icon to playback a recording on your mobile device.

Manage your contacts

Browse/add/edit your contacts and groups & perform additional actions.

Manage your opening hours

Set the opening hours for your business, directly from your mobile device.



NUACOM is also compatible with some good third-party soft-phone apps like Zoiper.

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