Fanvil X6 IP Phone

The #1 Executive-level IP Phone

The executive-level IP phone, Fanvil X6 comes with triple colour screens, HD Voice Quality, 6 lines, 60 DSS Keys and more.

Fanvil X6 IP Phone Features
Fanvil X6 IP Phone TOP

4.3” Main Colour Screen + 2 x 2.8”  DSS Screen,
Smart and Friendly User Interface

The Fanvil X6 comes with a 4.3” LCD Colour Screen with the enterprise-level UI, plus 2 additional DSS Screen for up to 60 programmable actions.

Fanvil X6 Gif
Fanvil X5S Headset

Support EHS Wireless Headsets

Fanvil X6 model support Electronic Hook Switch (EHS) Wireless Headset, compatible with most of the Enterprise-level headsets in the market.

Fanvil X6 Headset 2
Fanvil X6 Front 2

Enhanced HD Audio

HD voice through handset, speaker, and headset for High-Fidelity audio available, delivering a premium, rich communication performance.

HD VoIP Phone icons

HD Voice Microphone/Speaker (0~7KHz Frequency Response).

HD VoIP Phone icons 2

Voice Activity Detection, Comfort Noise Generation, Noise Reduction.

HD VoIP Phone icons 3

Full-duplex Acoustic Echo Canceller, 96ms tail-length.

Key Note:


  • 6 SIP Lines
  • 12 LED Keys and 5 pages: a total of 60 DSS Keys
  • HD Voice
  • Power over Ethernet Enabled
  • Gigabit
  • Bluetooth (via Dongle)
  • 4.3” Colour Display
  • Handset (HS) / Hands-free(HF) / Headphone(HP) mode (EHS support for Plantronics headsets)
  • Desktop / Wall-mount installation
  • Economical and Environmental friendly package

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