mobile app guide

Opening hours

You can use this feature to set the opening hours for your business, directly from your mobile device. Please note that changes happen in real time which means they will affect your system immediately. It is so simple and quick. In this way, you can playback professional messages to customers who are calling you and depending on open/close hours, offer additional options or direct your customers to voicemail. It also allows you to keep your customers informed of any changes to your business hours during periods such as Christmas.

This features works the same as in your web interface, so you can enable or disable it using your mobile app or set up your business opening hours for each day of the week, weekends and if need be, bank holidays. To understand how it works and see detailed set up instructions, please read the Opening Hours section of my account user guide.

Please note that you disable the opening hours feature, your customers will get a customized message announcing them that your business is closed. For example, ‘’sorry we are closed right now, our opening hours are’’…).