First-Class Phone System
for your Support Team:

Improve the way your Customer Service Team handle calls
for better productivity and higher customer satisfaction.

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Enhance Your Customer Service:

Call Recording

Review customer conversations to provide the best solutions.

Smart Call Transfer

Reroute calls internally or externally, to a single agent or to a group.

IVR Design Tool

Set the opening hours for your customer service, voicemail greeting, etc.

Call Notes & Tags

Easily classify and add valuable information to quickly resolve open tickets.

Testimonial on VoIP Service

“NUACOM have been a great choice for us, as we only use state of the art technology.”
Michael O’Connell, MD – House of Finance

Everything that a Support Manager needs

to Monitor and Improve Performance

Live Calls Wallboard

See all extension status, waiting queue and connected calls.

Agent Performance

See call volume, duration, type, per agent or per group.

Inbound VS Outbound Sales Calls

Generate your own reports based on your call data.

CRM Integration

Integrate with your over 20 CRM Systems.

Live Call Monitoring

Listen to live calls and assist your agents when they need you the most.

Missed Calls Notification

Get an email notification for every sales missed call.

Extension Monitoring

Get an email notification if an extension goes offline for more than 5 minutes during the business hours.

Peak Time

Discover your peak time and prepare your resources per day, week or month.

Stephen“Great for management and Quality Control. We saved approximately 50-60%.”
Stephen Walker, MD – Autokey

Integrate your Sales Calls with 50+ Business Apps:

NUACOM VoIP Phone System Hubspot Integration
NUACOM VoIP Phone System Pipedrive Integration
NUACOM VoIP Phone System Salesforce Integration
NUACOM VoIP Phone System Zoho CRM Integration
NUACOM VoIP Phone System ZenDesk Integration
NUACOM VoIP Phone System Intercom Integration

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