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Up to 2 phone users
Free Landline Calls
Voice Menu (IVR)
Call Recording
Plus 47 Features!


Cloud 16

Up to 16 phone users
Free Landline Calls
Voice Menu (IVR)
Call Recording
Plus 51 Features!


Cloud 24

Up to 24 phone users
Free Landline Calls
Voice Menu (IVR)
Call Recording
Plus 51 Features!



  • Have more than 24 phone users or need a customized solution? Get in touch with us and we will offer you the best option

All-in-One Featured Phone System For Your Business

Features Starter Cloud 10 Cloud 16 Cloud 24 Custom
Phones Users The maximum connected phones for the package where each phone has designated one extension number.
2 10 16 24 Contact Us
Local Numbers/DDI We offer regional landline numbers that can be set to ring through the IVR or ring directly to one phone (DDI). Contact us to check the non-European number list available.
2 4 6 8 Contact Us
Welcome Message Greet professionally your clients with the pre-recorded message.
Music on Hold Playback a music or any pre-recorded audio to the caller while waiting for the call to be answered.
Number Porting Keep your existing phone number. We provide a number porting service so you can use your current number on our system.
Free Landline Local and International* Calls The unlimited landline calls package that complies with the fair usage policy. Contact us to check the list of 16 countries included in this feature.
No Engaged Tone Do not lose business and phone queries anymore. If your line is busy, the call can be placed in a queue, diverted to another line or just can be indicated to you as you speak on another call.
Call Queuing Handle incoming calls in a call center style with music on hold and informational notes.
Call Waiting The ability to see the second incoming call on your phone while on a call.
Call Conference (3-ways call) Have 3 people talking at the same time from their own phones.
Call Forwarding (Find Me / Follow Me) Our Call Forwarding feature can offer you multiple actions based on your needs. These include the option to show the original caller ID: call forward on busy, no answer or the number of rings. Ring more than one device at the same time and in more than one location.
Call Divert Divert the incoming calls to a landline or mobile when no answer or a busy line, with the ability to see the caller's number.
Call Transfer (Multi-steps) Transfer calls to another extension with 3 steps: placing the caller on hold, requesting permission to the next receiver, then transferring the call.
Call Transfer (Blind - 1 step) Easily transfer calls to another extension with one single action.
Transfer Bounce Back If the transferred call is not answering after a certain number of rings, call will be returned to the first receiver.
Call Parking Have the mobility to park your calls to another connection point in the office or even to another room.
Call Tracking
Call Barring Set restrictions for certain types of call class, or specific number, from being made from your company's phone.
Call Blocking Block calls to your company, from certain numbers or even from specific countries.
Call Whisper With a pre-recorded message, you know to which of you numbers the incoming call is for. It is very useful for businesses which have more than one brand in the same location.
Call Groups Group the phones by departments for efficient call handling.
Hunt Groups Group the phones by departments for efficient call handling.
International User Localization Each phone user can have its own phone settings, number formatting in the local format and local numbers used without international prefix.
Distinctive Ring Tones Set up distinctive ring tones for each one of your phone numbers on the same device.
DND (Do not Disturb) When you are not available to take calls, you can simply set up a Do Not Disturb function. No more distraction from your phone, when you need to pay attention to other tasks.
Speed Dial Set up shortcode for your most dialed numbers and save time.
Custom Call ID Set up which of your numbers you would like to be the ID for your outgoing call.
Number-name Indication Our system can show the caller ID on your handset or softphone if it is in you contact list.
Voicemail Also known as 'Answering Machine' the ability for the caller to leave a voice message when you can't answer the call.
Voicemail-to-Email Receive an email when you have a new voicemail and the message is attached in the MP3 format.
Presence The ability to see, on your phone, when your colleague is on a call or their phone is ringing.
Live Reports Live reports for call statistics and call history with duration and price for each call.
Contact Management Centralized, web based and shared company phone book.
Backup Call Automatic divert all incoming calls to a specified number, mobile or landline in case of a disaster when you lose the electricity or the internet connection.
Paging or Public Announcement Now you can page staff in a warehouse or play scheduled advertisements over a speaker within your shop.
Online Portal Manage your phone system online, with call logs, Billing, Settings, Email Marketing, Contact Management, Live Reports and much more.
Import Contacts Bring your database with you to NuaCom. Import your contact on our Online Portal.
Chrome App Use our software system as a desktop app, through Chrome App. A fast and practical way to manage your phone system on your PC.
Softphone for PC, MAC and Mobile If you are using a PC, MAC or on-the-go with your mobile, have our phone system with you.
Mobile App Use our mobile app to see your call logs and access the recorded calls. Your smartphone becomes an extension of your phone system so you can make and receive calls anywhere you are by using the internet on your phone.
SIP Trunks Connection Extend VoIP telephony beyond your organization’s firewall.
Remote Worker Mobility Just plug and start working from wherever you are. Our handsets are programmable to operate wherever there is an internet connection.
Real Time Billing Manage your Add-ons and plans as you grow, in real time on our portal.
Multi Location Deployment Manage all your business communication across all your office or location, with only one single Cloud Phone System.
HD Call Quality Our system has HD voice capability built-in. And so too does our handset collection.
Call Centre Functionality Our fully-featured system can perform all the major functions for a call center. And you can scale it, customize it and integrate it with third parties.
Standard Technical Support Our support team is working Monday-to-Friday, from 09:00 to 17:00 and ready to assist you with any issue that may arise for you and your business.
Premium Technical Support Our Premium Support is available 24 hours, 7 days per week
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MailChimp Integration From our Online portal and Contact Management built-in, you can organize Email Marketing campaigns on MailChimp
Google Contact Integration Import and Synchronize your contacts from and to Google Contacts, from our Online Portal
OneDrive Integration Synchronize your data with OneDrive and save all your call recording easily
Call Recording We provide a storage to keep your recorded calls. Once the storage if filled up the oldest recordings are deleted to create space for the new ones. Recordings are encrypted with the latest algorithms and stored in a redundant environment.
IVR Menu Interactive Voice Menu, that allows automated call routing to the appropriate department.
Opening Hours Schedule the system to automatically switch between modes, where out of hours plays a message about business's opening hours then diverts calls to the voicemail.
Salesforce Integration Integrate your cloud phone system with Salesforce
Add-On Add-On Add-On Add-On Add-On
Click-to-Call Application Maximize your performance by dialing numbers with one click of you mouse
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International Numbers from 120+ Countries We offer Domestic and international numbers if you are doing business abroad
Add-on Add-on Add-on Add-on Add-on
SIM card hosting We host your SIM cards and route the incoming and outgoing calls through it for cost reduction.
Add-on Add-on Add-on Add-on Add-on
Global Call Conferencing Room Set up a secure virtual Conferencing Room for 3 or more participants in a call.
Add-on Add-on Add-on Add-on Add-on
Call Encryption Ensure data privacy with TLS encryption.
Add-on Add-on Add-on Add-on Add-on
Automated Call Rating Evaluate the performance of your operators or your business with an automated call rating at the end of every or selected calls.
Add-on Add-on Add-on Add-on Add-on
Mobile Call Packages Save up to 60% comparing to traditional phone system. Our VoIP phone system provides Local and International HD calls to mobile with excellent rates.
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FAX-to-Email Save yourself from paying the FAX line rental and keeping the FAX machine ready. Instead receive the FAX's to your email as a PDF attachment.
Add-on Add-on Add-on Add-on Add-on
Professional Voice-over Recording We provide professional voice-over recording in English, either for a greeting message, opening hours' message or announcements.
Add-on Add-on Add-on Add-on Add-on
Skype Calls Receive the Skype calls on your phone when you don't wish to rely on the computer
Add-on Add-on Add-on Add-on Add-on
Public WiFi Provide internet access to your customers on your premises. Convert clients into advocates of your business and maintain a long-term relationship with them using our integrations
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Monthly Fee € 25 € 55 € 75 € 120 Contact Us
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*All packages have 30-day rolling basis agreement. Prices exclude VAT.

Hardware not included in the prices. Please check here for softphone and hardware options.

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